Where the passion comes from.....

"My passion for self-development began in 1993 when I moved from Scotland to live and work in the USA.  I quickly became aware that self-confidence and a positive attitude, combined with the ability to build rapport and think creatively, were fundamental in achieving success.

By the time I returned to the UK in 2001, I had greater awareness of the need for simple yet structured development plans that would enable people to become effective, communicate better and help organisations retain valued employees. Helping people become more confident, set smarter goals and achieve greater personal effectiveness and a better work/life balance.

I set up Motivate, Inspire, Develop to help organisations develop their staff and help maximise the potential of both the people and the business.  I've found that coaching plays an important part in everything I do. 

Personal and professional development is about you, and whether you choose one-to-one coaching or working in a group, taking ownership of your development is key."

"Whether it's an organisation looking to develop their staff or management team to add value to the business, or someone looking for a personal development plan to get their life back on track, find a new purpose or simply wants to rediscover their authentic self.....I'm here to help!"

"The best COACH is one who shows you where to LOOK, 

but doesn't tell you what to SEE"