Heather Butler Smith - Founder of Motivate, Inspire, Develop

Heather’s development style helps people to create their own road map with a clear and defined destination in mind.  She believes that a cookie cutter/one size fits all approach to training can knock the recipient’s confidence in their own talent and ability to come up with solutions of their own.  Working one-to-one Heather encourages people to discover new and exciting choices open to them in what may at first have seemed like impossible situations. 

"I believe that in any person-to-person coaching or mentoring relationship it is the trust in each other and a shared optimism about an outcome that gives the client the context in which to figure out a way forward for themselves; giving the joy of discovery and an inherent sense of ownership."

Heather is attentive to the client’s needs, picks up nuances quickly and creates trusting relationships.  Whether working with groups or on a one-to-one basis, her human approach to development celebrates individuality and looks at structures that work to get the best from all involved.

Associate Profiles


Pauline Heron - Training Professional and Executive Coach

Pauline’s experience comes from 25 years as a RAF Officer after which she started her own business and dedicated time to gaining qualifications in personal development and psychology based therapies.

Pauline knows the benefits of working with structure but believes that creativity, flexibility and perspective are key elements to problem solving.  Her excellent communication and interpersonal skills enable her to build relationships with a wide range of people from students to senior board members. 

Pauline has worked with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and this has contributed to her unique style of coaching; a style which focuses on the individual as a whole rather than specific behaviours.   She is very skilled at pushing people outside of their comfort zone and opening up new horizons to them.  Pauline develops strong relationships that engender deep levels of trust and provide openings and opportunities; this is done not only by way of learned techniques but through compassion and fun. 

"My cameleon qualities enable me to make changes with ease, switching my presentation and/or coaching style to suit the client."

To her extensive Military and Business background Pauline added skills becoming a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an NLP Master Practitioner.



Craig Thornthwaite - Training Professional and Executive Coach

Craig’s experience comes from 20 years of middle and senior management positions in FMCG manufacturing, Corporate and Learning and Development both in the UK and Europe.

"I quickly realised that the key to continually developing business performance lay in its most valuable asset.......its people.!"

Due to the diverse cultures in which he works, Craig has identified the need to adapt his own style to help the teams he works with realise their own and business objectives.  Craig works with executives, front line managers and their teams using a combination of group and one to one activities to deliver ROI.

Craig’s approach helps all his clients to identify their own success criteria, whether that is a new or revised vision, alignment of objectives to all levels of the organisation or personal development activities. He doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach, and works with his clients to define and develop bespoke solutions which are relevant to their needs.

He has a passion for initiating and embedding new processes, and combined with broad business experience he encourages and motivates individuals to achieve new standards through behavioural change. He helps people rather than telling them, giving an inherent sense of ownership and achievement.

Craig has a pragmatic approach, quickly picks up nuances and believes that success comes through trusting and lasting relationships. The added value which Craig brings is having been there and done it on all ‘steps on the ladder’ and being able to communicate in a simple, honest and straightforward manner at all levels within an organisation.

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