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Whether its your personal life that needs a boost, a push or a nudge in the right direction, Motivate, Inspire Develop has a range of tools that can help make the journey easier than you think. 

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COACHING - Development Coaching for all (personal, professional and business)

One of the secrets of highly successful people is that most of them use, in some form or another, a coach to help them get to where they want to be in life or in business or both. A coach can help you identify goals and can motivate you to make those goals a reality for your future. Here are some of the benefits of having a development coach:

Setting Goals

One of the primary focuses of a development coach is that of setting and reaching goals. One of the main reasons people have difficulty manifesting success in their life is simply because they have no idea what their own idea of personal success really is. It’s like a businessman with no business. Without any source of direction, how can a person expect any quantifiable results? A development coach can use questioning to isolate what is most important to their client and once that goal or goals are isolated, then the life coach can help “reverse engineer” that goal to come up with a workable plan that can be put into action.

Gaining Clarity

A development coach can help you clarify your present situation and your future direction.

Taking Action

Success rarely manifests itself. Knowledge and ideas are great to have, but they also do not manifest success in and of themselves. Action is what creates success in life. The reason why many intelligent and knowledgeable people do not experience the level of success that they desire is because they are slow to act on or apply the knowledge that they have. A life coach can help you make decisions much more quickly and reduce costly delays and help you come up with better quality actions.

Staying Motivated

Even the best experts in the world utilise coaches, consultants, and personal advisers because there is a strong psychological factor of accountability when another person has oversight on your progress. Actors, models, even bodybuilders have personal trainers who make sure they are keeping up on their program to reach their intended goals and this acts as a powerful motivating force for them. Such is the same with development coaches. They motivate you towards your goals and encouraging you to be accountable for maintaining your program and sticking to it.

Support Without Judgement 

A development coach will listen to your story without evaluating, criticising, judging, or offering solutions. They will lend their support to you through the toughest of times as well as the best of times.

Overcoming Challenges

We all face certain roadblocks in our lives that need to be overcome for us to achieve measurable success. A development coach can help you brainstorm possible solutions to complex challenges that need to be dealt with.

Achieving a Better Work/Life Balance

A development coach can improve the ratio of work versus play in your life to achieve an optimal balanced ratio of both which will lead to reduced stress levels and a better quality of life.


Although development coaching is not therapy or counselling, ethics dictate that the same rules of client confidentiality apply to coaching sessions. Therefore, what is discussed between a client and a life coach is strictly confidential.


One-to-One coaching sessions can be done face-to-face, on the telephone or via Skype



Initial Consultation - £35 (approx. 30 minute session). 

Experience shows that coaching works best when there is a good rapport between coach and client, so an initial meeting is recommended in order to discuss what you want to get from your coaching experience and to set up a plan that will work for you.

Subsequent One-to-One sessions - starting at £50 per session (approximately one hour per session)

Telephone/Skype coaching sessions - prices upon request

Coaching Packages - starting at £300 (multiple face-to-face coaching sessions, regular agreed telephone calls and/or skype sessions). Packages are financially beneficial for those who want an ongoing coaching relationship.

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