"Heather is an amazingly knowledgeable and professional trainer, facilitator and marketer with a wealth of experience.  Her added value is that she is able to put across information and feedback in such a way that clients acknowledge, take it on board and then do something with it - immediately. I have seen her work with many 'awkward' and 'strong' personaliities and she has them eating out of her hand.  She is driven to do well, exceeding expectations and so always provides great value for the investment made.  I would highly recommend  her services." -- Sue Donnelly (Image Consultant), Owner, Sue Donnelly International, Norwich, UK


"Heather is and will always be one of my favourite people, not only because of her constant positive attitude but she is a natural born business woman.  Her creativity is second to none and she takes responsibility seriously and with great resolve.  I truly miss working with her and wish she had never returned to the UK.  I highly recommend Heather in any business culture" -- Michael Pucci, Founder, Abbiamo Group, California, USA

"Heather's energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  She has a big heart and such a generous spirit, which is rare to find in the business world but great for me; as she is someone I can relate to and feel I can turn to for advice when I need it.  I think Heather and the team provide an invaluable service to women in business.  I look forward to the next series of events with great anticipation" -- Parveen Ashraf, TV Chef, Amani Cuisine, Peterborough, UK


"As a business coach working with new entrepreneurs, many of whom were women, I attended a 'Motivate Me!' course at Melton Mowbray to see whether I thought my clients would benefit.  The course surpassed all my expectations." -- Pauline Heron, Business Coach at Positive Results, Peterborough, UK